Welcome to the Life + Style Planner, brought to you by fashion and lifestyle blog, Living in Yellow. With a love and passion for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly organization, the Life + Style Planner was born in 2019.

Here at Living in Yellow, we are big believers in writing it all down. Whether it be your schedule, to do list, goals, habits you’re working towards, weekly grocery list, travel plans, etc. -- there is power in taking pen to paper. Not only does writing it all down keep you on track and save your sanity, it helps you feel lighter mentally and brings intentionality to your life. We worked hard to create a planner that will cross off all of your must-haves when it comes to living your best life and feeling stylish doing so. It is our mission at Living in Yellow to meet you where
you’re at and we believe that our Life + Style Planner does just that!